Our Philosophy

We don’t blame the child or make excuses. Instead,
we train our teachers to approach each child as a
specific person. Our long success record is easy to verify.


Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive but dynamic educational
programme in an enabling learning environment and to
produce children who are morally, intellectually, socially
and physically equipped for life.


Welcome back to school

The Teacher and management of Fountain School welcomes back their pupils to School


An ultra-modern Computer Room fully equipped with computers and Internet access. In our portal we do online Computer Base Test,Online Assignment, online Attendance system, Auto Notification system and we view Our Result online and much more….

Our Curriculum

The Nigerian National Curriculum for Primary Schools is used for these classes. However here at fountain school, additional emergent global issues and information are used to enhance the curriculum. Children are given a lot of  opportunities to learn, think and reason. Each child is viewed as a unique person with individual pattern and timing of growth.


It can be difficult for some children to make friends.here in fountain school  Recreation provides a common activity that can start friendships, and maintain them through a shared interest or hobby and to be a new friend to somebody else in the school.